2014 Scholarship Recap


2014 Scholarship Recap

2014 Scholarship Recap

In September 2014, at the start of the 2014/2015 Fall semester, Targeting Excellence awarded 21 students with over $30,000 in combined scholarship funds. Students enrolled in 4 year programs, as well as 2 year students and graduate students were among the recipients; all majoring in Animal Science related fields of studies.  Of the 21 students, 4 were award a Targeting Excellence scholarship in memory of Bob Christensen.

The scholarship recipients were: David Chapman, Naomi England, Tucker Jones, Kayla Knudson, James Hall, John England, Emily Wells, Hayden Williams, Kathryn McCullough, Thomas Duff, Ashley Jackson, Brandon Hanson, Paxton Sappenfield, Gabriella Sorg, Kaleb Sargent, Hayley Williams, Ashley Smith, Alec Linton, Daniel Boykin, Zhimin Huang

Targeting Excellence unites agribusinesses, production systems, and institutions of higher education in a common cause – to ensure the world’s food supply by supporting students through scholarships. A unique aspect of the program is to create an environment where students can learn more about career opportunities in food animal production through spending face-to-face time with leaders of the agriculture industry.

In addition to sporting clay shooting events, funds for scholarships will be raised through annual contributions and other events organized to bring students together with leaders of agricultural businesses, production systems, and institutions of higher education to build personal relationships, exchange ideas, and improve communications. The program began in North Carolina and is now active in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. As a result of the two fund-raising events last year in other states, 21 scholarships have been awarded in 2014, with a value of $35,000.  The goal for 2015 is to double that amount.

The need to support students in agriculture careers is great: a 2010 Ag Careers study reported that in the next 15 to 20 years, 77 million baby-boomers will retire with only 44 million generation-Xers to backfill their jobs. Many of the retiring baby-boomers are the builders and leaders of agriculture and, in particular, food animal production, as we know it today. To ensure there is not a shortfall of qualified students, the leaders of Targeting Excellence are being pro-active.