Cayley Vande Berg

Cayley Vande Berg

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Undergraduate Award (Wisconsin)

First of all, thank you so much for the scholarship! The money will be put to good use and is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait for this next chapter of my life to unfold to see what is in store! Thank you for making a difference in my education and helping me reach my goals in the agriculture field!

Hometown: Rosendale, WI

School: University of Wisconsin – River Falls

Major / Species: Animal Science with Meat Animal Emphasis

Career Goals: I am currently a senior at Laconia High School and will be attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the fall of 2017. Currently, my major is listed as animal science with a meat animal emphasis; however, after meeting with experienced people in the agriculture field, I have made a more precise decision. When I go back to UW-River Falls to sign up for classes this summer, I will change my major to dairy science with an agribusiness emphasis. Within this career path, I will learn aspects of farm animal production, including feeding, breeding, health and management as well as the processing of food and fiber products derived from animals. I will also see firsthand how disciplines such as agricultural business, agricultural engineering, and crop science work together with animal science, and specifically dairy science, to prepare me for the challenges of today’s agricultural industry. As I enter college, my goal is to achieve a 4.0 GPA because I’ve been held to high standards my whole life and always try my best. Also, I hope to meet many knew people on and off of campus to help me grow, learn, and better myself in my career path. To help me accomplish this goal, I plan to join clubs and organizations on campus, which, I believe, will help me create bonds with people that will last a lifetime. Throughout my farm work experience, years of showing cattle and swine at the county fair, and running a produce stand, the agriculture field has played a tremendous role in my life, and I wouldn’t trade these endless hours of learning and hard work for anything. My family lives for the county fair and our whole spring and summer revolves around preparing our 4-H projects and training our animals. Because of this passion I’ve developed throughout the years, I want to turn this into a career that I will pursue the rest of my life. I would like to carry out my career close to home where I have established connections in the field already through my 4-H, FFA, and fair activities. All of my education will be paid for by me because I am the one who will be earning the money from my degree. In addition, it will make me appreciate my schooling even more and push me to do my best because I will be using my hard earned dollars. By the time I cross the stage, I also hope to have paid off at least half of my student loans and to help me achieve this goal; I plan on working on campus and completing scholarship applications during college. Because I am paying for all of my education myself, take my education seriously, and always put my best foot forward. I know I will carry that characteristic on through college and the rest of my life. As one chapter closes in life, new doors open and I can’t see what the future holds!