Emma Munyan

Emma Munyan

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)

Hometown: Dublin, PA

School: Delaware Valley University

Major / Species: Large Animal Science

Career Goals: I have always had a desire to become a veterinarian, although I was not certain on what to specialize in until late high school. In high school, I joined our FFA chapter and quickly realized that agriculture was what I was being drawn into. Growing up in Lancaster County gave me a deep sense of appreciation and respect for the industry that supported the world and my own county. Once in college, my dreams of becoming a food animal veterinarian narrowed and became truly tangible. In my junior year of college, I realized another calling in my life: to go to other countries and provide missional agriculture and veterinary support to developing countries, or wherever the need exists. My immediate goal is to attend veterinary school for the next 4 years, focusing on large animal medicine. I also have a desire to learn about veterinary practices in other countries so I am more prepared to provide medical care while practicing in less-than-ideal circumstances. After vet school, I plan to apply for federal programs in underserved areas of the U.S. to gain experience as a practicing veterinarian and to move towards paying off loans as quickly as possible. After my commitment, I do not know which specific geographical area I will spend time in, whether staying on in underserved areas of the U.S., or beginning my overseas veterinary missions. One of the areas that I feel lies heavily on my heart is eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa, where livestock are a necessity for survival, veterinary care is often limited or absent, and poverty is rampant. My mission would be two-fold: provide routine and emergency veterinary care to communities, and to guide farmers in improving the efficiency of their livestock-crop relationship. I fully believe the best way to improve a community is to give it the tools to improve itself. Providing families and villages with animals solves a much larger problem than just providing food. The old quote goes, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” There are no truer words; feeding a village today only leaves them hungry tomorrow, but teaching them to provide their own food ensures the security of future generations. This is what I hope to dedicate my life and career to, and how I hope to make an impact on the world.