Gabriella Sorg

Gabriella Sorg

2015 Scholarship Recipient - Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

2016 Scholarship Recipient - Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

Thank you for supporting my studies at the University of Minnesota with a Targeting Excellence scholarship. This scholarship is helpful as I pursue an agricultural career. My interest in agriculture comes from my family’s dairy and diversified crop farm, and has broadened with my involvement in agricultural extracurricular actives. Thank you again for your generous donation that helps to make my education and all of these experiences possible. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Hometown: Hastings, MN

School: University of Minnesota

Major / Species: Animal Science and Agricultural and Food Business Management

Career Goals: 

I plan to use my education in Agricultural and Food Business Management, Animal Science and experiences in extracurricular activities to hold a position where I can use my strengths to serve farmers and positively impact the livestock and agricultural industry. One direction my career path could do this is by sharing farmers’ messages and promoting their products. I have always enjoyed educating my peers about agriculture, and had experiences with this in my role as a dairy princess and Princess Kay finalist. After taking marketing and buyer behavior classes, I will be even better equipped to communicate with consumers. I know this is a career path where I could use my outgoing personality and education to serve the farmers that have always been role models for me. I could also serve farmers by helping them manage their businesses. I am a strategic thinker and enjoy my business and management classes. However, I do not want to only work with numbers. I want to use my strengths of working with people to help them efficiently and effectively manage their own agricultural businesses in the way that works best for them. Finally, I hope to stay actively involved on my family’s farm by contributing what I have learned from my business and animal science degrees to our business. I am confident that I have pinpointed the industry I would like to be part of. Looking forward, I am excited to explore different career opportunities and narrow down career choices through internships and my time here at the University of Minnesota. I would like to make myself a more valuable asset in future work environments by pursing a masters and am currently considering a program at the University of Minnesota in Applied Economics. Ultimately, I hope that my education, strengths, and passion for livestock will help me serve the livestock industry in my future career.