Grant Price

Grant Price

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Graduate Award (Ohio)

Thank you all for the opportunity to earn a scholarship to help further my education to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It has been a life long goal of mine and I sincerely thank you all for what you are doing with this program!
Thank you all and God bless.

Hometown: Tiffin, OH

School: Ohio State University

Major / Species: Animal Sciences with minor in Biosciences

Career Goals: [insert goals]My career goals are something I can say I think about every single day, especially the last couple years of my life. To begin, I will be starting veterinary school here at Ohio State in August next year. With a D.V.M., I plan to return home to my families mixed animal practice in Northwest Ohio. Here, I plan to use my experience and education from OSU to further the family business in an upwards direction providing great knowledge in the world of animal medicine but also provide a service to our clients (and patients). I am experienced in the swine field, both show and commercial, and I want to continue building that part of the practice however, I am intrigued in Laparoscopic A.I. in sheep and hope to get an internship to bring knowledge in this area of focus back to our part of the country and grow that sector in our business. I will be a mixed animal practitioner at first, but hope to transition into food animal only after a couple years.

While working at the family clinic, we plan to keep expanding our family farm. We would always like to gather more tillable acres to increase the grain side of the farm. We are in an expansion currently with our commercial pigs, increasing to 36,000 spaces next year. Depending what my sister and brothers decide to do with their careers really dictates how far we push the family farm. They all plan to return home after college, so hopefully we can keep expanding all parts of the farm; grain, show pigs, commercial pigs, sheep and eventually cattle. My brothers and I want to continue with our show pig business. It is an interesting business and we really enjoy it as a family. All while continuing the farming and veterinary practice growth, I would like to expand the family. Sometime after graduation I plan to marry and have children relatively quick. I want to have a big family and raise them on the family farm with my wife and extended family. The family farm has really given me a lot of opportunities in life and certainly taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I want my children to have the opportunities I had plus some, all while being with their family, on the family farm.