Joshua Cassar

Joshua Cassar

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Graduate Award (Pennsylvania)

2015 Scholarship Recipient - Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)

The reason I am where I am today is because of the overwhelming support of all the individuals that have contributed to my successes. Thank you to all the Targeting Excellence sponsors for there contributions and helping me reach my goals.



Hometown: Lansdale, PA

School: Penn State

Major / Species: Animal Sciences (Business Option); Minors: Poultry and Avian Sciences, Agribusiness and Marketing, and International Agriculture

Career Goals: After having graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in May of 2016, I pursued my dream of working in the poultry industry. With an overwhelming number of job offers, I accepted a management position with Bell and Evans Poultry Processor in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania. I graduated with a major in Animal Science and related minors in Poultry and Avian Sciences, Agribusiness Management, and International Agriculture. While in school I took advantage of the opportunities provided within the College of Agriculture including; completing related course work in Food Science as well as attending numerous poultry-related events. To gain more experience and insight to the industry, I participated in poultry-related internships both my sophomore and junior summers. With original intentions of obtaining a MBA, an opportunity presented itself to acquire a Masters in Animal Science. Currently, I am working on a project to improve the current efficiency and quality of processed chicken. Upon completion of my graduate program, I intend on returning to industry to pursue a position in research and development and continue to innovate our industry. Being actively aware of the need to feed the growing populations of the future, I want to be in the forefront of creating new innovations that will increase the efficiency of how we produce food. I desire to be a positive example with my involvement in agricultural production. With the growing controversies that revolve around animal welfare and regulation, I hope to be an advocate for the agricultural industry. With every generation becoming more and more removed from the farm, I will do my part to educate the public about where their food comes from. Not having come from a farming or large agricultural background, other than a few backyard chickens, I am genuinely excited to continue to become more involved in the poultry industry. I look forward to meeting “new” industry representatives that will be as influential as the professors, advisors and industry professionals I have already met. I look forward to building on the knowledge and experiences I currently have now and will to strive to do my best in achieving my goals and aspirations of the future.