Kathryn McCullough

Kathryn McCullough

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Graduate Award (North Carolina)

2016 Scholarship Recipient - Graduate Award (North Carolina)

“Targeting Excellence sponsors have my sincere thanks for their generosity and support of young professionals entering agriculture. I am grateful for the honor of being named a scholarship recipient and am encouraged in my pursuit of further education. Both the monetary and mentoring support I have experienced within the agricultural community have helped shape my aspirations into reality, and I look forward to my own chance to give back in a few short years.”

Hometown: Tryon, NC

School: North Carolina State University

Major / Species: Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:  As a veterinary Food Animal Scholar at NC State, I am pursuing a future in production animal medicine. Although I do not come from a farming background, I have immersed myself in animal agriculture over the past eight years and have succeeded in gaining an ease and confidence with nearly all food animal species. From my earliest experiences showing and working beef to my most recent opportunities within the poultry industry, my respect for livestock and their caretakers has only deepened. With each supportive mentor and welcoming teacher, my satisfaction with my chosen path has solidified further. Production animals are my passion because of their integral role in our own survival, despite their dismissal from much of the public as animals not receiving veterinary attention. As a poultry veterinarian, I intend to safeguard the health of our national flocks through the implementation of ever improving medical practices and well as actively strive to advance the field of animal medicine and husbandry through research.