Kyle Sollenberger

2015 Scholarship Recipient

- Bachelor Degree Award


Hometown: Spring City, PA

School: Penn State

Major / Species: Animal Science; Minor-  Agribusiness Management

Career Goals: 

After college, I hope to work within the dairy industry in either genetics or nutrition. Both fields will be rewarding knowing I play an important role in feeding our country and even the world. No matter what happens or what job I get, I would still like to work within agriculture and still be close to something that I have enjoyed for my whole life. I would also still like to play an active role on my family dairy farm, for the possibility of returning in the long run to continue our family dairy farm. Besides my career, I would also like to give back to the community and agriculture that supported me as a youth. I would like to be a leader of a 4-H club or some type of youth program. I would also like to serve on some type of leadership role within agriculture such as a breed organization or state agricultural group.