Shelby Manning

Shelby Manning

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Undergraduate Award (Ohio)

Thank you to all the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committees for your support of the agriculture industry and of students pursuing agricultural careers! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and does not go unrecognized!

Hometown: Union City, OH

School: Morehead State University

Major / Species: Agriculture Education with minor in Animal Sciences

Career Goals: Ever since I was little, I knew I never wanted my life to revolve around anything other than agriculture. The agriculture industry is the most important industry in our nation, so I’n excited to add my contribution to this well oiled machine. This fall I will be majoring in Agriculture Education with a minor in Animal Sciences at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky. Once I graduate college, it is in my plans to move back to Ohio to work for the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association.