Trent Dado

Trent Dado

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

2016 Scholarship Recipient - Bob Christensen Award (Minnesota)

Thank you for the awarding me the Targeting Excellence Scholarship. During my time in college I have come to appreciate many people including family, friends, teachers, and the people of the agriculture industry. Sometimes it appears it is a war between agriculture and society. Yet, we, as agriculturists and animal scientists, understand our own importance in the livelihood of all people and thus strive to better ourselves. Therefore, I thank you for supporting my passion of animal nutrition so I may have a meaningful impact on our industry and our society. I am currently wrapping up my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota and hope to pursue a Master’s degree upon graduation.

Hometown: Amery, WI

School: University of Minnesota

Major / Species: Animal Science with a Minor in Ag/Food Business Management

Career Goals: In my younger years, I remember dressing up for my elementary school’s “Career Day.” All the kids, including myself, dressed to mimic our dream job. Looking back now, it is easy to say I did not know what I really wanted to do for a career. It was not until years of education and experience that I developed an understanding of myself and what I want to pursue in my future. Growing up on my family’s dairy farm and participating in 4-H and FFA gave me a strong relationship with agriculture. Thus, when I graduated high school, I knew I would pursue a degree in agriculture. I found myself attending the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities majoring in animal science. At the U, I am involved in many extra-curricular activities and work as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Ruminant Nutrition and Microbiology Laboratory. The combination of my studies, activities, and work experience has guided my goals and aspirations for my career. After graduating from with my B.S. in Animal Science I plan to pursue a M.S. and MBA degree. I have come to realize education is the most important factor to career success and ability to achieve a more fulfilling role. For my Master’s, I am most interested in studying dairy or ruminant nutrition and forage and fiber digestibility. BMR corn silage and low-lignin alfalfa would be a new and intriguing area to study. The purpose of pursuing the MBA degree is to open more doors. Now, more than ever, raising livestock is big business. Combining science and business will make me a well-rounded candidate fit to fulfill many careers. After the completion of all my education, my goal is to obtain a career as a nutrition consultant, farm manager, or in research and development of animal nutrition products. I am not exactly sure which of these I would like the most but I have several stipulations to narrow my path. I would like to work directly with farmers and animals. I enjoy seeing the fruit of my labor. Furthermore, growing up on a farm, I enjoy spending time outside on farms. The goal is to have a direct and meaningful impact on the animal nutrition industry and positive influence on farms. After gaining experience in the industry, the goal is to return to the family farm. The extensive education and industry experience allows me to run a profitable and sustainable farm. To apply my knowledge to a further extent, I hope to either expand the farm or to diversify into different aspects of animal agriculture. Several ideas include goats, beef and dairy steers, and even bison. Overall, my goal is to have a positive impact on the animal agriculture industry. As an industry, we will have many obstacles in the coming years. By using my education and experiences, I hope to do my part to secure the future of an amazing industry.