2016 Iowa Targeting Excellence Sporting Clay Scholarship Classic Results

Targeting Excellence would like to thank everyone who attended the 2nd annual Iowa Targeting Excellence Sporting Clay Scholarship Classic event.  It was held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at Targets on the Move in Ackley, IA.  Approximately 90 people participated in the event including 6 students.

Thanks to all our speakers at lunch including Bruce Rastetter, President Board of Regents, State of Iowa, Dr. David Funderburke, as well as several scholarship recipients.

It was great seeing new and familiar faces at the event; it’s a great networking opportunity. It’s inspiring that there are so many people that want to encourage students to study agriculture. I’m truly thankful for the support that I have received from Targeting Excellence. I hope that events like the Sporting Clay Scholarship Classic continue and that more people will attend.

Shelby Curry, 2016 Iowa State Scholarship Recipient

A special thanks to all the 2016 Iowa Targeting Excellence partners.  Without your support this event and the scholarships for the state of Iowa would not be possible.

Mark you calendars – next years event will be on September 21, 2017.  We hope to see you there!

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Here are the 2016 Iowa Results:

2016 Iowa Overall Results

Award TypeWinnerScore
TeamChr Hansen (Jeff Kindwall, Dan Manus, Chris Rhoden, Riley Kindwall)278
Top MaleLarry Graham (Alltech) & Dan Rosener (Pharmgate)83
Top FemaleLynnea Courtney (Vita Plus)45
Top StudentJustin Bartling64

2016 Iowa Team Results

Team NameScore
CHR Hansen278
Red Mills Pet Food266
JBS United246
Hall Roberts232
South Hardin230
TriOaks Foods (Phibro)213
Spencer Ag #1188
Century Nutrition179
TechMix LLC174
Provimi #2169
Diamond V165
Spencer Ag #2162
Provimi #1155
Vita Plus146
Furst-McNess Co.133
Kent Nutrition132
Kerns and Associates84

2016 Iowa Individual Results

Larry Graham83
Dan Rosener83
Jeff Welp82
Paul Mossner81
Ken Irvine80
Chris Rhoden79
Howard Hill78
Dan Manus74
Tanner McCulley74
Tom Schimtt73
Tim Irvine72
Craig Thomas72
Garrett Chaplin71
Patrick Pokorney70
Russ Siakel69
Damion Hosch69
Bob Webb68
John England66
Grant Petersen65
Justin Bartling64
Riley Kindwall64
Austin Ubben63
Dean Koehler62
Jeff Kindwall61
Kevin Shoemarker61
Fredrik Sandberg60
Jeb Gent60
Jeff Grossrickle58
Todd Kelly57
Walter Tibbbetts55
Tyler Booth55
Nigel Lecaus55
Tyler Boothe54
Kevin Boddreher54
Dennis Harman52
Phil Eller52
John Wessels52
Charlie Bolander50
Tim Hermsen50
Wiley Houchins50
Jason Frank49
Tom Fitzgerald49
Travis Yakle48
Evan Chesnut47
Chris Sparks45
Tom Street45
Lynnea Courtney45
Josh Brown45
Tony Brauer44
Keaston Handeland44
Mark Hosch44
Joseph Hahn44
Travis Harman43
Skylar Hosch43
Alan Elscheid42
Adam Jackson41
Keith England41
David Shirbroun41
Ryan Hayt40
Joe Georse38
Ethan Parsley38
Michael Fitzgerald36
Phil Tobin36
Justin Rottinghaus35
Brandon Gehrke35
Kevin Soltwedel35
Adam Gutierrez35
Jesus Acorta28
Qingyan Li27
Nathan Sandstrum26
Dale Oldenkamp25
Aaron Gress25
Dan Freiburger23
Jeremiah Nemechek22
Rob Rudolphi22
Dennis Crawford20
Brandy Meisheid18
Stacie Gould12
Shannon Loyd12
Ben Olsen11
Jacci Houchins8

2016 Iowa Student Results

Justin Bartling64
Jamin Manus59
Tyler Boothe54
Shelby Curry42
Jesus Acorta28