2017 Iowa Sporting Clay Scholarship Classic Results

2017 Iowa Top Team

Targeting Excellence would like to thank everyone who attended the 3rd annual Iowa Targeting Excellence Sporting Clay Scholarship Classic.  It was held on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at Targets on the Move in Ackley, IA.  Approximately 100 people participated in the event including 10 students from Iowa State University and Hawkeye Tech.

Kevin Kimle attended the event as the guest speaker at lunch.  He currently serves as the Rastetter Chair of Agricultural Entrepreneurship at Iowa State University, Director of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics.  Kimle’s work includes development and delivery of entrepreneurship curriculum and programs in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, outreach programs to aspiring entrepreneurs and agribusiness executives, and research on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Qingyun LI and Wes Schweer, both graduate students from Iowa State University, also spoke at lunch to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors on behalf of all the Iowa scholarship recipients.

Congratulations to the winners of the following raffle items:

A special thanks to all the 2017 Iowa Targeting Excellence partners.  Without your support this event and the scholarships for the state of Iowa would not be possible.

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Here are the 2017 Iowa Results:

2017 Iowa Overall Results

Award TypeWinnerScore
TeamAivlosin Aces (Todd Kelly, Don Rosener, Brian Herman, Brian Qualley)326
Top IndividualTodd Kelly and Tanner McCulley90

2017 Iowa Team Results

Team NameScore
Aivlosin Aces326
Landus Coop272
Cactus Feeders236
JBS United/Eichelberger232
Vita Plus195
PMI - Purina140

2017 Iowa Individual Results

Todd KellyAivlosin Aces90
Tanner McCulleyKemin90
David FunderburkeElanco88
Darren HouseburgCactus Feeders87
Zach AbbasHawkeye86
Tim JacobsonAPC85
Don RosenerAivlosin Aces84
Dr Marty WiernuszElanco84
Scott FredricksonLandus Coop80
Brian HermanAivlosin Aces78
Larry GrahamHawkeye78
Cody MinorNutriQuest77
Mitch HirthLandus Coop76
Larry GrahamElanco76
Rob MusserNutriQuest75
Brian QualleyAivlosin Aces74
Mark BertramKemin74
Jamie PopeAPC73
Don GreenfieldNutriQuest70
Jay LampeJBS United/Eichelberger68
Tom HarrellSeaboard68
Shane OldenburgerAPC67
Dean KoehlerVita Plus67
Jon TangerNutriQuest63
Ben CarstensLandus Coop61
Budd CobbSeaboard60
Dr. Ethan SpronkJBS United/Eichelberger59
Tyler ToomsenLandus Coop55
Chad WiigCactus Feeders55
Charlie HildJBS United/Eichelberger55
Christ SparksHuvepharma55
Evan ChestnutKent55
Scott HouchinsBiomin55
Wiley HouchinsAPC54
Trey KellnerHuvepharma54
Chad PilcherHuvepharma54
Brian ThiesenNutriQuest#253
Mark WhitneyPMI - Purina53
Daryl VaskeKemin52
Roberto EizmendiCactus Feeders52
Andy EichelbergerJBS United/Eichelberger52
Justin CarothersKent52
Ben GreenfieldNutriQuest#249
Amanda SchradSeaboard47
Brock PuffettSeaboard47
Garrett RozeboomVita Plus46
Terry MeyerPMI - Purina44
Tad TeBockhorstVita Plus43
Matt GrimmCactus Feeders42
Cody BargmanHawkeye42
Lynnea CourtneyVita Plus39
Logan LafrenzKent38
Brian SpannagelKemin36
John LarsonNutriQuest#232
Benjamin BassPMI - Purina32
Dennis CrawfordKent29
Lindsay GraceJBS28
Shane HeffiNutriQuest#223
Dale OldenkampHuvepharma21
Terran RonneJBS16
Maria MendozaBiomin15
Kevin RasmassenJBS12