2017 Application Essay

Katie Hess 2017 Essay

2017 Scholarship Essay: Katie Hess

There are too many articles that have surfaced on the internet about farmers supposedly pumping their animals full of antibiotics to keep them producing at high levels, which is simply not true. The Veterinary Feed Directive is a way to disprove this alleged argument about today’s agriculture.

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Alan Duttlinger 2017 Scholarship Essay

2017 Scholarship Essay: Alan Duttlinger

“The need for livestock producers and all involved in the livestock industry to share positive accurate stories with consumers is ever important. It is paramount that what the consumer perceives is factual and that livestock producers are using antibiotics judiciously and properly to produce wholesome safe food products.”

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2017 Taylor Homann Scholarship Essay

2017 Scholarship Essay: Taylor Homann

“Oversight of antibiotics will not decrease throughout my lifetime, nor will public concern for antibiotic use and other farm practices. We need to do the right thing for our animals, safeguard the efficacy of antibiotics and share our story with both legislators and consumers.”

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