David Funderburke Responds to Southscapes Spring 2015 Article

Spring2015SScoverRGBSouthscapes is published semi-annually for alumni, friends and supporters of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences by the CAES Office of External Relations. Excerpt from the Fall 2015 publication featuring Targeting Excellence President David Funderburke:

In the spring edition of Southscapes, we asked for your responses to the question, “How can the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences community contribute to the world food supply and food security to ensure 9 billion people, globally, are fed?”

“As the economies of emerging nations improve and individual incomes increase, the consumption of protein (in the form of food animals) generally increases as well. Both the quantity and efficiency of the production of food derived from animals will need to improve to keep pace. Students trained in production practices, research scientists and veterinarians working together will all play a critical role in helping meet the future demands that will be placed on food animal agriculture.”
David Funderburke (MS – Animal Science, ’81; Ph.D. – Animal and Dairy Science, ’85)

David Funderburke, along with other CAES alumni, founded a non-profit organization, Targeting Excellence, Inc., in North Carolina in 2013 “to serve as a vehicle to provide scholarships for students with a focus or major in some aspect of food or animal production.” The organization’s mission is to grow the base of trained professionals who deal with food animal agriculture and therefore contribute to feeding the world’s burgeoning population.

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