Adam Munsterteiger

“Thank you very much for this investment in my future, it is greatly appreciated!”

Hometown: Ogilvie, MN

School: University of Minnesota

Major / Species: Animal Science

Career Goals:

My future goals are to complete my bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota in animal science in the spring of 2016. At this point, Iwill be pursuing a master’s in swine nutrition from a school that has not been decided yet. After the completion of my master’s I hope to find a job working in the nutrition field either for a company like Purina who I am interning under this summer, a cooperative or a large scale operation who can support their own nutritionist. Aside from this full time job I plan to put up a couple nursery barns that I can fill on contract to help pay for a house and farm site.  Also, I plan to continue and expand the show pig operation I have started with my fraternity brother striving to be supply quality pigs to 4-Hers across the country.