Alane Neal

Hometown: Columbia, MO

School: University of Missouri Vet School

Major / Species: Animal Science, Science Option (Penn State); Starting vet school at the University of MO Fall 2015

Career Goals: 

This past summer I watched with amazement as Dr. McNett inserted the probe into the first of the seventy cows we were pregnancy checking that day. I watched the fuzzy screen as she reached through the rectum, pointing out the uterine horns as she passed over them. After finding nothing in the left uterine horn, Dr. McNett moved to the right horn, where a fetus was clearly shown at 40 days of gestation. I could not help but think that if this fetus were female, she would be able to produce around twenty-three thousand pounds of milk during each lactation of her life. With a steady increase in the world population, her job as a milk producing animal is becoming more important in order to meet the increasing national and international demand for food. It is my goal in life to help farmers increase their overall efficiency so that they are able to feed the nine billion people that are projected to occupy our planet in 2050.

I hope that my next four years at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine will allow me to develop the skills necessary to help farmers become more efficient. I am interested in specializing in food animal medicine and giving back to the community that helped me get where I am today. Without my agriculture background I would have not been  able to develop the skills and gain the opportunities that I have had in my life. Along with my career goals in veterinary medicine I hope to give back my time to help local 4-H and FFA members. I want them to be able to gain experience with beef cattle and gain much needed life skills. In addition to becoming a vet and volunteering my time, I wish to one day own a small beef cattle operation. I have recently become co-owner of Final Drive Show Cattle where we raise cattle with Maine-Anjou influence. Although the farm is quite small today, I hope to one day increase its size to around twenty head of cattle. I hope that the cattle I raise can compete at local, state, and national shows. My goal for the future is to stay highly involved in animal agriculture and help society to better understand what we do.