Alison Bueltel

Alison Bueltel

Thank you very much for your time and considerations. Your generous contribution to my education is greatly appreciated. This scholarship will go towards my tuition for the coming year at Iowa State University, where I will continue with my majors of Animal Science and International Agriculture. I am active in clubs and embrace volunteer opportunities at college, and I am taking advantage of the rare opportunity to study abroad while learning about the heritage of livestock. It is because of gracious sponsors such as yourselves that allow students to pursue opportunities in the agriculture industry to educate consumers and move forward with technology in production agriculture. Again, I thank you for investing in my education and contributing to the passion behind an active advocate for the agriculture industry.


Estherville, IA


Iowa State University

Major / Species:

Animal Science & International Agriculture

Career Goals:

Each summer between schooling, I will have an internship in an animal agriculture-based company that will aid in developing a professional network and skills that I would not learn in the classroom that will make me a more marketable potential employee. Upon graduation from Iowa State University, I aspire to be a top-performing employee in a livestock management and nutrition position of a well-developed production animal agriculture company. I would also like to serve as an advisor for a junior association board, whether that be a junior beef breed or swine association, because I have a strong passion for educating and interacting youth to help them grow into strong advocates for agriculture. Throughout my life currently and in careers that I will attain in the agriculture industry, I make it a priority to ensure that we are constantly educating consumers and finding ways to make a safe, affordable food supply while taking sustainability into account.