Allison Culp

Allison Culp

Thank you so much for selecting me as one of the scholarship recipients. Your generosity and time is greatly appreciated. Your monetary support will be a tremendous help as I continue to follow my passion and strive towards my career. I really appreciate your encouragement for myself and all the other Food Animal professionals as we all work together to provide a safe food supply for the general public.

Hometown: Nappanee, IN

School: Purdue University

Major / Species: Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals: My passion for the agriculture industry started at a young age, and my career as a food animal veterinarian will allow me to live out my passion every day. I will serve alongside farmers to care for their livestock and produce safe food. Together we will brainstorm ideas and conduct research to figure out what works best in their situation. Beyond the medicine, my training in farm and practice management will allow me to better understand and relate with producers. And the more experience I gain will only grow my ability to offer advice and suggestions. I grew up surrounded by a supportive community and influential 4-H program; part of my career will be giving back of my time and support. As a 4-H volunteer not only can I share knowledge of veterinary medicine and raising animals, I will also help youth learn responsibility, curiosity, and leadership–skills that will serve them well no matter their future career paths. I want my career as a veterinarian to be just that, a career rather than just a job with a paycheck. The success of my career will stretch beyond the barns and pastures as I will continually seek to learn new things. My career as a veterinarian will test me and won’t always be cute baby calves and fuzzy lambs, but by surrounding myself with the opportunities to serve, grow, and teach I believe that I will be able to live out my passion in a way I never dreamed.