Allison Price

Allison Price

I am beyond thankful and appreciative of the opportunity I had for this scholarship. Without the industry and people like you, I would not be where I am today with school and work. I thank you, for your dedication to this program and the food animal production industry.


Tiffin, Ohio


Ohio State University

Major / Species:

Animal Sciences with minor in Agricultural Communications

Career Goals:

Growing up on swine farm has shape me into the person I am today. With a tight-knit family including three brothers, I knew I wasn’t the usual girl heading to The Ohio State University. My name is Allison Price and I plan to be a swine nutritionist after graduate school in Columbus, OH. I decided to major in Animal Sciences as having a father as a veterinarian and working in the barns more than the house had set the stage for me to figure out what I am best in; production agriculture.As a second year at The Ohio State University I participate heavily in the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences clubs, teams and Greek life. At home, I am still very involved; Price Family Farms finishes 24,000 markets hogs per year being fed by the 600 acres by Honey Creek Acres. Being a herd manager for the farm has fine-tuned my hard-work, dedication and knowledge in the swine industry. As a hobby, my brothers and I breed, raise, sell and show show pigs across the state of Ohio and some surrounding states; 30 sows keep us busy when we aren’t in school. Aside the farm, I grew up learning beside my dad in the veterinary clinic and in the barns where he specializes in swine herd health. I continue to learn more about production animals, including beef and poultry production, as a veterinary assistant at Lincoln Way Animal Hospital and North Central Veterinary Services. I have learned how to communicate and work with some of the largest producers in the state of Ohio and the surrounding states, about pharmaceuticals and the latest trends in care, medicine and politics. These specific skills will help me in the future with consulting producers but all skills feed my dream of becoming a swine nutritionist.It is without a doubt that I have experience and knowledge in the swine field. My background of livestock has perfected my understanding of ration making, feeding, health and medicine and have become excellent skills of mine. My thirst for knowledge and curiosity will benefit the industry in research. My experience speaks for itself and will continue to as I complete my degree and proceed to working in the industry. The livestock industry has opened many doors for my family and I. To us, it is a hobby. To me, it is what I do and know. I can only give back and make it better not only for the producers but for the people as well. I hope to one day be as important to the industry and the industry is to me.