Alysha Sweitzer

Alysha Sweitzer

I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in the organization and success of this great scholarship program! I am proud to be involved in such an amazing industry and look forward to a bright future in agriculture!

Hometown: Wellsville , PA

School: Pennsylvania State University

Major / Species: Animal Science with minor in Poultry Science

Career Goals: Agriculture has and always will be one of the most influential aspects of my life. Growing up on a farm, I learned valuable lessons that I could not have anywhere else and I hope that one day my own children will get to experience the same things I did. My love for livestock is deep seeded and my ultimate career goal is to be involved in some kind of livestock production, whether it be in the beef, swine or the poultry industries. As of now I know that these are the species that I am most passionate about and my dream would be to have involvement in all three. I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able to return to my family’s farming operation after the completion of my Animal Science degree here at Penn State. My goal is to take the valuable lessons and skills I learn here at school and eventually apply them to our family’s business. We currently own and operate a farrow to feeder sow operation as well run a primarily registered black Angus cow herd. When discussing my future career plans with my family, we have discussed the possible future investment of building broiler houses. I am involved in the PSU Poultry Science club as well working on earning the Poultry Science minor. By “specializing” in poultry science I can gain the skills I need to become an integral part in my family’s business in being the primary manager of the poultry side of the operation. I understand that not every student has the resources behind them to purse career goals like my own, which is something I cannot take for granted. Even so, my future involvement with my family’s operation is not guaranteed. Unexpected circumstances do happen, especially in an industry like agriculture. Throughout my college career I plan on seizing every opportunity for career development such as internships and job shadowing. My goal is to better prepare myself for any situation I may find myself in after graduation, whether it be returning to the family business or pursuing a career elsewhere. In conclusion, I know that my passion is in livestock production and I know that wherever my future may take me I will be happy doing what I love, which is raising a product to feed the world.