Angela Becker 2016 Scholarship Winner

Angela Becker

Hometown: East Millsboro, PA

School: Pennsylvania State University

Major / Species: Animal Science

Career Goals: As I move through this college adventure, I continue to take advantage of every opportunity afforded me to explore careers and interests. I have visited the annual career fair hosted by the College of Agriculture to meet and interact with many different companies. The career fair helped me find an internship I completed during the summer of 2015. It was an eye-opening valuable experience that helped me develop an even stronger interest in beef animal production and packing. The internship placement was with Cargill beef in Dodge City, Kansas, the biggest beef plant under Cargill’s management in the United States. It afforded me an opportunity to see end-point beef production efficiency on a very large scale. The experience gained was phenomenal and helped build my knowledge of the beef industry and define my future career direction.

This summer I have accepted an internship with a moderately-sized feedlot in Nebraska. I look forward to this chance to learn about the large-scale efficient production of beef. I am excited about all aspects of this opportunity from spending the summer in the Midwest, to being in the great outdoors while working and learning about beef production, along with all that it can bring to my personal skills. I am confident it will further help me define my path in life.

I began college excited about the possibilities in agriculture and eager to be involved in as much as possible to broaden my focus and life. I will continue to engage in every opportunity I can to grow and learn especially where my passion lies with beef production and the beef industry. I love being around beef cattle. They give me enjoyment, happiness and a sense of peace. My heart is with cows, farming, and Agriculture. It is my future and I know the future is bright.