Angela Wood

Hometown: Wallace, NC

School: James Sprunt Community College

Major / Species: Associates in Applied Animal Science, Associates in Agribusiness Technology, and Associates in Applied Animal Science Swine Concentration

Career Goals: 

My career goals begin with the foundation of my strength that has led me to where I am today and where my future will take me. Since I have been a student at JSCC I’ve been blessed with a wonderful advisor and instructors. They have taught me to reach beyond limits, challenge knowledge, show strength, and enhance my capabilities physically, emotionally, and socially. Although I’ve have great leaders, God has giving me the biggest challenges from my beginning of college. I have converted from a homemaker  of 14 years to a honor  student, conquered  a separation of a 16 year marriage,  hospitalized for a week during the first semester, eye surgery with my son, lost my father in 2014, been in a three car pile-up accident, my mother recently had open heart surgery and aorta by-pass to her legs. Most of these mishaps have occurred during exams and I have overcome them all proving my strength and ambition to accomplish everything I have set out to obtain without failing my academic goals.

As a senior at JSCC, my first goal is to complete both degrees in Applied Animal Science and Agribusiness Technology with the possibility of graduating with a third degree in Applied Animal Science Swine Concentration. As part of my schedule to obtain the degrees, I plan to engage in an internship this Summer of 2015 in live poultry production at a local integrator facility if possible, currently waiting on approval. From there my future career goals include pursuing a career as a farm service technician (service person in confined livestock) with poultry concentration. I plan to incorporate education and experience, begin a long- term career, opt to learn more, strive to extend my capabilities, and do my best to set better examples for my children. Determination to set better examples and provide a better lifestyle for my family, currently a single parent with two children, has played  a major role in obtaining a college education.

All the persons and things listed has been and continue to be a major influence and provide leadership in completion of my college education, foundation of my future goals, career, and accomplishments. I have two classes left to graduate with an Associate of Applied  Animal  Science and the remaining  for Associates  of Agribusiness Technology that will be completed by Spring of 2016. For swine concentration I only have to pick up four extra classes. I do have room within my schedule to do so. I will then, by the grace of God, be a graduate with a triple degree with honors. Thereafter, I choose to be open to any possibilities  to expand my education, certifications,  and qualification  for enhancement in the field I pursue to help farmers raise quality animals more efficient and effective while protecting the environment. In the near future, I feel confident in the consideration  to extend  my degree to a Bachelor’s  in Agricultural  Education,  allowing me to give back to our young entry farmers the guidance and leadership that was given to me.  Contributions  made towards  course curriculum will be implemented honorably with academic achievements and a successful future by completing a college education. With determination and high expectations, this application is being submitted to make all efforts to ask for support in completing my education, begin a career, better support my family, and lead to more opportunities in the farming industry.