Anna Powell

Anna Powell

2018 Graduate Award (Ohio)
2017 Graduate Award (Ohio)

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Targeting Excellence sponsors for making this scholarship possible, and the committee for choosing me as a recipient. I am extremely grateful and excited for this scholarship to remove some of the financial burden of my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. I can only hope to contribute to someone’s dreams in the future as you have to mine. Thank you again.


Fresno, OH


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Ohio State University

Career Goals:

My future career plans include becoming a food animal veterinarian and practicing mostly in bovine medicine. Growing up on a farm, the agricultural industry is something I have always loved and advocated for. In the future, I see my position as a vet allowing me to be an advocate for not only animals, but also the families and the industry that depends on them. I look forward to the opportunity to use my passion and skills to serve the industry.

My background in food animal agriculture began early in life, growing up on our small family farm raising swine and goats. Ever since I was young, I have wanted to become a vet and care for animals. During the years of my undergraduate career, I spent my summers getting a variety of large animal experience, from a swine farrow-to-wean operation, dairy farm, and at an equine rehabilitation center in Kentucky. This past summer I rode with a large animal practitioner which solidified my choice in wanting to practice food animal medicine.

In vet school, I have taken every chance possible to gain education about food animal medicine. I have taken a food animal nutrition elective, and will be taking cattle disease plus topics in dairy production medicine electives in the fall. I am incredibly grateful to be a student at one of the top veterinary schools in the country, and use every opportunity available to become the best food animal veterinarian I can become by the time I graduate.

This summer, I have multiple dairy medicine externships scheduled throughout Ohio and New York, which I hope to use to compare mixed animal practice and strictly bovine medicine practices. My ultimate career goal would be to become a large animal surgeon, so I am also looking for opportunities to enhance my experience with it. Although the specific details of my future career path are still up in the air, I do know that the food animal industry will be a part of it.