Ashley Johannsen

Ashley Johannsen

Thank you for selecting me as one of the recipients of the Targeting Excellence scholarship. I look forward to my years studying to be a vet tech and continue to be an influence in the food animal industry.

Hometown: Harlan, IA

School: Iowa Lakes Community College

Major / Species: Veterinary Technology

Career Goals: As a future career, I plan on implementing both my vet tech degree and my Associates in Animal Science to find a position as a vet tech in a clinic that has a well established large animal department. Along with my career as a vet tech, I plan to raise my own cattle herd and further contribute to the animal industry by producing high quality beef. While pursuing my vet tech degree, I plan to work at a sow farm through Christensen Farms. There, I will encourage proper animal welfare while producing the healthiest pigs possible. I will strive to put the animal industry in the right light to encourage positive discussions both in and out of the workplace. The passing of my father this spring has given me more encouragement to continue my passions working in the agriculture industry to create a positive environment for production animals.