Austin Smith

Austin Smith

“It is an honor to receive such a prestigious scholarship from Targeting Excellence. I can not think Targeting Excellence, their Board & Committees, and all of their sponsors enough for their continuous support. My academic career will greatly benefit from everyone’s generosity.”

Hometown: Albertson, NC

School: University of Mount Olive

Major / Species: Agriculture Education

Career Goals: Upon graduating from the University of Mount Olive, I plan to become a high school teacher, focusing on animal science. As I have began my studies at the University of Mount Olive, I have found that I prefer animals and its industry components rather than the horticultural industry. I have been fortunate to experience such educational support at my school and plan to one day be able to provide my students with that same support. As a proposed teacher, I understand that I will encounter hardships, both with myself and my students, however, I will do the very best that I can to adapt and overcome the situation with all that is distilled in me. While in high school, it occurred to me that I should pursue a career where I can help others and educate them on valuable lessons about the animal production industries which will inform them for a life time. Teaching animal science in a high school classroom is the perfect option for me to do so and I will be able to teach others who will in return carry on that tradition by informing others about the animal industry. Along with teaching animal science in the high school classroom setting, I also plan to become a commercial poultry producer and build several production houses for a local poultry company. For the past several years, the poultry industry has captured my attention and my geographical location is one of the best in the country to produce such birds. In my area, there are several vertical integrated companies in which I have the option to choose who to produce for and that is what I plan to do.