Brent Weiss

Brent Weiss

I am beyond grateful for your support of my education. I truly love being in college here at Delaware Valley University, and without support from people like you it would not be possible for me to be here. I plan to work even harder next semester knowing that someone has seen the value in me to provide financial backing. I would just like to say thanks again for the opportunities you have created for me!

Hometown: Brodheadsville, PA

School: Delaware Valley University

Major / Species: Livestock Science and Management

Career Goals: My career goal is to go into production beef cattle in some aspect. Whether that be continuing my education at the graduate level and becoming a nutritionist or getting my masters in reproduction, or simply being a rancher and raising beef cattle. I also want to raise crops, especially hay. My ideal situation would be having my own farm/ranch, either a full operation farm or a cow/calf operation, and raising Hereford and Angus beef cattle. I would also like to self sustain myself with feed as much as possible, which means making hay and growing crops like corn, soybeans, and oats. Along with the beef cattle I would like to raise some layers and broilers for personal use, along with a couple hogs (maybe a sow or two) to use for personal use along with friends and family. I would also like to have some horses either to help work the cattle or just to trail ride. I will be happy no matter what, as long as I end up working in the production beef cattle industry.