Cayley Vande Berg

Cayley Vande Berg

2018 Undergraduate Award (Wisconsin)
2017 Undergraduate Award (Wisconsin)

I am beyond humbled and honored to be receiving the Targeting Excellence scholarship and am thankful for those who took the time to read and consider my application. As a student studying dairy science, I recognize how important food animal agriculture is to America and to our growing world. I am thankful for your support to target the excellence of young individuals pursuing degrees in food animal agriculture in attempts to build our networks, develop our ideas, and enhance our communication skills to best deliver messages of agriculture. Thank you Targeting Excellence for making the investment into my future!


Rosendale, WI


University of Wisconsin – River Falls


Dairy Science

Career Goals:

I am currently attending the University of Wisconsin – River Falls where I am studying dairy science with a management emphasis. Within this career path, I will learn all aspects of farm animal production, including feeding, breeding, health and management as well as the processing of food and fiber products derived from animals. Because of my passion for agriculture, I truly enjoy learning more about the industry every day and how we can better provide for the growing population of the world.

I intend to carry out my future career close to home where I have established connections in the agricultural field through my 4-H, FFA, county fair activities, and work experience. My goal is to have a career where I will have the opportunity to interact with both cattle and people as I have a natural tendency to make conversation with everyone I meet; therefore, a career in human relations with an agricultural company or operation would be a perfect fit for me. This summer I will have the opportunity to do both! I am employed by Milk Source, LLC at Rosendale Dairy, which is home to 9000 cattle and the farm gives free tours to the public to help inform consumers and bridge the gap between the farm and their dinner plate. I highly encourage people to tour the dairy and just maybe, I will be the tour guide at the time! At UW-River Falls, I am a part of the Honors Program,which requires me to have a certain number of volunteer hours. Helping educate the public that comes to Rosendale Dairy will be where I spend a portion of these hours; however I am always looking for new ways to volunteer and am sure this opportunity will be the perfect fit for me!

I possess a great work ethic, am determined to complete each task that I begin, and also pay exceptional attention to detail, which will come into play when evaluating an animal’s health. In addition to these qualities I possess, I am a self-motivated student and know I will succeed at any career I choose to pursue in the industry.

My goal is to be able to secure a job before I graduate from college, so I am able to start working immediately upon graduation. Because of the accomplishments I have already made in the nearly seven months I have been in college, I am confident I will be able to reach this goal because I am determined, and after I complete my degree, I will continue to educate others about the importance and daily role of food animal agriculture. I will strive to help change misconceptions about the industry and help educate consumers, so they know they are purchasing safe products.

These are just a few of the career goals I have already set for myself and will work to create more goals that are specific, measurable, timely, and achievable as I get further along in my education. Because of the commitment I have to the agricultural industry, I can assure you that a scholarship will be utilized to maximum capacity by a dedicated student and ultimately help me reach my career goals.