Chad Hamilton

“Thanks again for this scholarship – it means a lot and will go to good use.”

Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

School: Penn State

Major / Species: Animal Science & Agronomy

Career Goals: 

I hope to gain employment as an Animal Nutritionist. Throughout my youth I have feel in love with livestock and showing them all across the country. Over the past few years of showing livestock animals one of the biggest contributors to success was there feed and the supplements that we feed to our lambs and swine which sparked an interest that I plan on continuing after I graduate from Penn State University. With the passion I received from raising market animals, I know now that I also want to have and operation of my own raising and producing swine for market to supply my local community with fresh local products that I will be proud to sell. Fortunately one of the largest shows feed and supplement suppliers in the country (ADM Alliance Nutrition) has offered me an internship this upcoming summer which offers promising benefits in the future. This career entails working within many areas of agriculture such as field research, creating the feed, and selling the created products. With my decision to continue my education at Penn State University I have chosen a major that offers hundreds of different classes that will support my future career endeavors.

With a career in production animal feed sales. Much of the training in animal feed has to do with conservation as feed now centers on reducing certain minerals like Phosphorus and reducing protein/nitrogen excretion by balancing for Amino Acids buy still keeping milk and meat production at profitable levels. I look forward to that challenge. Part of my job requirement will be to become ARPAS certified and pass the feed management plan test offered by USDA. That will allow me to write feed management plans in accordance with the overall nutrient management plan administered through the NRCS office. I also can even go on to write full nutrient management plans ifl desire. Many feed companies encourage that with their sales representatives.