Charles Alexander Sasscer III

Charles Alexander Sasscer III

Dear Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committees,Thank you very much for awarding me with a Targeting Excellence scholarship. It is truly an honor to be recognized by your organization. This award will greatly help me in the pursuit of my Master’s Degree in ruminant nutrition. I am looking forward to graduating from Oklahoma State University and moving on to Kansas State University. It is thanks to the support of organizations, such as Targeting Excellence, that I have been able to move so far away from my home state of Maryland to pursue my career goals. Thank you once again for this prestigious award.Sincerely,Charles Sasscer III


Park Hall, MD


Oklahoma State University

Major / Species:

Ruminant Nutrition: Stocker/Growing Cattle Nutrition

Career Goals:

I will be graduating from Oklahoma State University in May of 2018 with my Bachelor’s Degree in animal science with a focus on livestock production. I will be receiving my degree after having completed 6 semesters at OSU. In June of 2018 I will begin working towards my Master’s Degree at Kansas State University. I will be completing research and taking classes focused on ruminant nutrition, specifically stocker/ growing cattle nutrition. My adviser will be Dr. Dale Blasi.Upon earning my Master’s Degree from KSU, I plan on working towards my PhD at The University of Nebraska in feedlot cattle nutrition. I would like to become a feedlot consultant in the Southern Great Plains region. This is so that I can help producers to maximize the use of their inputs and be as profitable as possible while producing a quality product.In addition to being a feedlot consultant, I am going to raise beef cattle. While this will start out as a hobby, I hope for it to become more of a full time job when I become older. I would like to run commercial Angus influenced cattle. Post weaning, I am going to grow and finish my calves in my own small feedlot on my operation. My goal is to use this beef to develop a branded beef program to market to local communities and nearby urban populations.