Cole Mullis 2016 Scholarship Winner

Cole Mullis

I would like to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and the state committee for making this scholarship possible. It’s people and organizations like you that makes college affordable for young adults like myself. Thank you for making a difference in my education pursuit and supporting my agriculture goals.  

Hometown: Oakboro, NC

School: North Carolina State

Major / Species: Poultry Science; Minor: Feed Milling, Animal Science, Agriculture Business Management, and Crop Science

Career Goals:   My goals are to get a job in the poultry industry involving live production. I want to be a broiler or breeder technician and work my way up in the company. I can also see myself being a feed mill or hatchery manager. I want to build my own broiler houses one day and have a stocker operation as well. I could use my litter from my chickens and fertilize my own fields for my cattle to capitalize on my resources and to save me some money. I want to help feed the world and solve the 2050 agriculture problem by being the best manager for growers. I want to be able to support myself and my family. I want to give back to my community, especially my local FFA chapter because I wouldn’t be where I am today it if it wasn’t for my FFA advisor. I want to be able to help people in need and to be a positive role model for others as I continue growing up.