Daniel Radford

Daniel Radford

It is an honor to receive the Targeting Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship will be a tremendous help in allowing me to pursue my educational goals and obtain my degrees in Agricultural Science and Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management. I appreciate this scholarship and for the contributors who make this opportunity possible. Thank you again for choosing me as a recipient for the Targeting Excellence Scholarship.

Hometown: Pikeville, NC

School: North Carolina State University

Major / Species: Animal Science and Agricultural Science with a minor in Agricultural Business Management

Career Goals: Prior to attending North Carolina State University, I attended Wayne Community College earning an associate’s degree in Applied Animal Science Technology and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. Now, I attend North Carolina State University double majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Science, and minoring in Agricultural Business Management. Growing up in a rural community, I had the opportunity to learn about several aspects of agriculture, from raising livestock and poultry to growing forage and row crops. These experiences have allowed me to see the many opportunities within this field. With my degree, I plan to pursue a job in food animal production. While going to school full time, I work with the Agricultural Institute at North Carolina State University. This gives me the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations associated with the Agricultural Institute to set up summer internships for current students depending on their field of study. I also assist with office duties and attend events to promote what the Agricultural Institute is doing for current and potential students. This year I have the privilege of serving as a Warren Leadership and Public Policy Fellow. This program is designed for students to further develop skills in the areas of personal leadership, organizational leadership, and public policy leadership. The Warren Leadership Program is a one-year agricultural leadership experience through seminars, workshops, farm tours, and a summer internship that will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the food and agricultural system in North Carolina and throughout the world. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I plan to find a job in the animal agriculture industry. The career fields that interest me the most are cattle and pork. While continuing my studies at North Carolina State University, I hope to gain hands on experience that will allow me to successfully land a job in the beef cattle or pork industry. I would like to work for a company that is committed to excellence. I am also interested in furthering my education and specializing in animal nutrition or extension education. Animal nutrition is an aspect of livestock production that has always interested me. I feel that providing animals with the proper nutrition depending on their various physiological conditions is important for optimum growth and to maintain proper body condition. I have a passion for animal agriculture and enjoy raising healthy livestock and poultry resulting in products that are safe for consumers. As a prior recipient of the Targeting Excellence Scholarship, I am appreciative of the opportunity to complete my educational goals and reduce the burden of financial costs for both me and my parents. I feel that I can make a positive difference in the animal agriculture industry by raising healthy livestock that provides consumers with a quality end product. Thank you for considering me as candidate for the Targeting Excellence Scholarship.