Elizabeth Palmer

I would like to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committee for their support in my education. It is extremely encouraging to work in an industry that is so dedicated to their students. I am incredibly honored to be a recipient of this scholarship.

Hometown: Bernville, PA

School: University of Arkansas

Major / Species: Animal Science

Career Goals: Growing up on my family’s small feedlot operation in southeast Pennsylvania has been the driving force behind my animal science degree from Penn State and the desire to continue my education at the University of Arkansas. Working
alongside my father as well as other producers developed my passion for the beef industry. Throughout my education
my future career path has continued to evolve but my desire to work in the beef industry always remains.
Currently, I am in my first year of my masters program at the University of Arkansas studying ruminant nutrition. My
focus has been on improving the health and performance of receiving calves new to the feedlot environment by
supplementing yeast in the diet. Upon arrival at the feed yard, the immune system of calves is often compromised which
can lead to bovine respiratory disease. Bovine respiratory disease is the number one cause of death in feed yards and
costs the industry millions of dollars every year. This is a challenge the beef industry continues to face and presents
many opportunities for future study and research. As I progress into my masters program my enthusiasm for this subject
strengthens and I would like to dedicate my career to this area of work.
Once I have completed my education, my goal is to work for an animal health company in their research program.
Working in research has been a rewarding experience and I would like to continue to provide innovative ideas and
knowledge to producers in the beef industry. As the population continues to increase, I believe research will play a key
role on continuing to provide a safe and wholesome meal.