Emil Walleser

Emil Walleser

2018 Graduate Award (Wisconsin)

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for having been selected for a Targeting Excellence Award. Without support like this it would be significantly harder for me to achieve my goals and help others achieve theirs as well. Thank you to all of the sponsors, board of directors, and state committees for the donation of your time and talent to support the future of agriculture.


De Soto, WI


University of Wisconsin – Madison


Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

Following my graduation from the UW – School of Veterinary Medicine in May of 2020 I intend on focusing on dairy and beef cattle production medicine. While in school I have completed specialized training and research in assisted reproduction and have obtained a certificate in In- Vitro Collection and Embryo Production from UW – Madison. I also manage genomics, synchronization, and mating for my family’s dairy. I hope to use this knowledge to provide advanced reproductive services and consultation options to clients who are looking to improve their herd’s genetics and profitability. With intense genetic selection combined with a high-quality reproduction programs, herds can quickly recognize improvements in milk production, health traits and many other desirable outcomes.

As I began my education in Veterinary Medicine, I shifted more of my focus towards calf health and improvement of management of calves from newborn to weaning. I have worked with companies like Purina and within the school of veterinary medicine on methods of measuring and benchmarking calf health. I plan to bring tools like this to practice and encourage producers to use methods like lung ultrasonography to appropriately assign treatment protocols. I believe that skill sets such as this will reduce antibiotic treatments with the use of treatment protocols, correct diagnoses and closely monitored SOP’s.

Outside of developing my professional career for myself, I hope to use my skills to benefit the community that I live in. I want to be a leader in rural health and help prevent spread of diseases by making sure people practice biosecurity and hygiene. Community organizations are something that are very important to me. I grew up in 4-H and would not be where I am today without them. My professional skills will fit in nicely. I am already a registered adult 4-H leader and would like to host educational events to educate youth on agriculture, veterinary science and other topics. This June my family is hosting our county June Dairy Breakfast. We are hosting much more than breakfast. We are showcasing education for everyone, the producer, the consumer, the mother, the scientist. We have break-out sessions through out the morning on using not only dairy but beef, the end stage product of the dairy cow, in our diets. We have stations set-up for crops and soil health. Walking tours are being provided to educate all that attend. These tours include nutrient management, calf health, feed management and use of commodities in cow diets. We are teaching youth how to cook with cheese and attendees can watch as fresh cheese products are made and a chef using local organic foods in a recipe. Education is our focus.

I have been blessed with opportunities. I want to use them to maximize my clients’ success. I also owe a great debt to community organizations such as 4-H and FFA and am truly humbled to be able to help others through them. I am part of the 2% of our population that feeds the other 98% of our population.