Emily Williamson

Hometown: Clinton, NC

School: NC State

Major / Species: Animal Science – Industry concentration; Minor Agricultural Business Management

Career Goals: 

At the age of two, my dad took me to a pet store to get my first pet. Since that day, I have had a passion for animals. Throughout my life, I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I learned otherwise when I got to college. With the help of a college Professor, a family member, and a family friend, I realized that I no longer wanted to be a veterinarian, but instead work in swine production. Now that I have gained experience in the industry through an internship, I am positive I chose the right path.

During my first semester at North Carolina State University, I had a class entitled Introduction to Animal Science. My professor was an absolute fanatic when it came   to any aspect of swine production. We took trips to NC State’s Swine Unit, which is where I first discovered my love for the production side of animal science. After talking it over with family members and explaining that I no longer wanted to be a veterinarian,    my uncle began to tell me about the two swine farms he manages. Hearing his stories excited me about my new career path choice.

My mom’s friend has worked at the Al center for a local swine production company for several years. In late 2013, she encouraged me to apply for the company’s local internship for the summer of 2014. I applied and was chosen to be one of four interns for the summer of 2014. After completion of the 10 week summer internship, I knew for sure swine production is what I wanted to do. In January of 2015, I once again applied for the internship in hopes to return and specialize in the multiplication side of the business. I was welcomed back by the company and I will be interning again starting in May. This summer, I will be working at the company’s two boar stud facilities and in the Al labs. I will also be working on a farrow to finish gilt development farm as well as with a gilt development crew. I am excited to return and thankful for the opportunity to increase my knowledge about swine production.

Upon graduating college, I plan to return home and work with one of the swine production companies in my hometown. I am so glad I found a career that I enjoy and I look forward to working with pigs in the future.