Emma Brenengen 2016 Scholarship Winner

Emma Brenengen

This opportunity would not have been possible without all those who put the time, effort, and resources into this scholarship program. I have discovered that there is not a field with industry leaders more supportive of young people than those in agriculture. I am truly honored to have been chosen among such a large, diverse group of applicants. This scholarship will be directly put towards my Fall 2017 tuition and can’t thank enough those who gave me this opportunity!

Hometown: Middletown , MD

School: Pennsylvania State University

Major / Species: Animal Science with minor in Agribusiness Management

Career Goals: I am currently an Animal Science major with a concentration in Dairy Science and a minor in Agribusiness Management. My strong interest in reproduction allowed me to land an internship with Alta Genetics this summer where I will be breeding cows, working with producers, and conducting research projects. With a year left in school, narrowing down careers in dairy reproduction through my experiences has made me realize I want a hands-on career that allows me to work directly with dairy producers. Working for a bull stud company or as an embryologist are both careers I have taken interest in. The respect and admiration I have for the those involved in the dairy industry is why I want to pursue a career that allows me to support and work alongside those who share the same passion for dairy cattle.