Eric Huneycutt

Eric Huneycutt

I would like to take this time to thank you for presenting me with this scholarship. It means a lot to students like myself to receive this money and use it towards continuing our education. Scholarships of this type help ease the financial burden. I also appreciate when the industry leaders see potential in students and give us the opportunity to make our education worth while and help us become the leaders that we need to be the in agricultural industry. Again, I along with all the other students who received this award greatly thank you.

Hometown: Albemarle, NC

School: North Carolina State University

Major / Species: Animal Science and Poultry Science with minor in Feed Milling and Ag Business

Career Goals: My career goal is to somehow work in the swine nutrition field. I have grown up breeding raising showpigs and I think it is amazing to see what all you can do to an animal just by altering its feed. I am planning on going to grad school and getting my masters in swine nutrition and I would love to come out of school and work for a feed company. Whether it is being a nutritionist for a commercial integrater or working for one of the major show feed companies. I would like to be the one that gets to help create the new feed formulas and come pup with the new ideas to make our animals more efficient for future generations. Along with being involved with swine nutrition, I will want always be involved with the show pig industry. Showpigs is what I live and breathe for. My brother and I currently have a few sows in production, but we would like to expand our enterprise once we get out of school. We would like to begin exhibiting and selling our stock throughout the US, not just in the Southeast.