Ethan Holland 2015 & 2016 Scholarship Winner

Ethan Holland

“It is certainly an honor to receive this award and I sincerely appreciate and want to take this opportunity to personally say “Thank You” for your financial support of my future academics. Furthermore, I want to express my appreciation for organizations like Targeting Excellence, who invest in future agriculturalist and inspire them to strive for excellence in their future endeavors.”

Hometown: Olin, NC

School: North Carolina State

Major / Species: Poultry Science with minor in Agriculture Business

Career Goals:   Through my involvement on our dairy and beef operation, I decided at an early age that I wanted to continue my education and pursue a career in the Agriculture Industry. In my lifetime my family has nearly doubled our herd to roughly 400 Holstein and incorporated technology into our daily operations. Also, during my lifetime I have witnessed the large disconnect between the farmer and the consumer. Therefore, I believe we as agriculturalist must once again educate the consumer of our practices because if we don’t someone else will. I have witnessed how much consumers are misguided on where there food comes from while I was raising a small flock of about 30 hens and selling eggs to people in my community.

In addition to managing my business and assisting with the dairy, I am very active in 4-H, FFA, Dairy Science Club, Poultry Science Club and the Young Farmer & Ranchers Club at NCSU. In addition to my participation in these organizations, I was selected to receive my American Degree and the Reuben Cowles Youth Award. My involvement and continued affiliation with FFA and 4-H, has allowed me to participate and receive awards at all levels, from the local, district, state and national competitions, in areas of Dairy Judging, Dairy Handling, Fitting and Showing and Poultry Judging. Through each of these experiences along with serving in leadership roles, I have been able to expand my skills and knowledge of the dairy, poultry, and farm business management areas and look forward to having a successful career in the Agriculture Industry upon graduation.

I plan to continue pursuing a B.S. in Poultry Science and have added Agriculture Business as a minor.  Upon successful completion of earning my degrees in 2018, my goal is to obtain employment in either the dairy or poultry production industry focusing on Genetics or Nutrition.  After a couple years in the industry I plan to return to my family’s farm and open up a milk processing and creamery site on the farm.  Once successfully incorporating the plant on the farm, my goal is to begin public tours of the entire farm operation, allowing the consumer to see what produces their food and how it is processed. Also, I would like to obtain a position in agriculture policy or awareness to advocate for an industry that is often overlooked in our legislative bodies across the United States.

Finally, I strongly believe the seeds that are given to me, while pursuing my education at North Carolina State University, will only produce if I am willing to take the initiative and put forth the effort to use this time to grow as an individual and seek every opportunity possible. No matter what the circumstance, whether it is obtaining internships, engaging in research, studying abroad, serving in leadership roles or participating in competitions, my goal is to gain the knowledge and skills needed through the resources offered so that I may be successful in any chosen career within the Agriculture and Food Industry.