Genevieve VanWye

Genevieve VanWye

Dear Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors, and state committees,Thank you for your work and contributions to providing the Targeting Excellence Scholarships. I am very grateful and honored to have received a scholarship and I appreciate your time in reviewing my application. At Iowa State, I am involved in the Block and Bridle Club and serving as an ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I also really enjoy serving as a teaching assistant within the Animal Science department, which should be very helpful as I pursue a career in education. I have hopes of pursuing my Masters and PhD in Reproductive Physiology and one-day teaching at the collegiate level. I appreciate your help in making these opportunities possible.Thank you again for your donations and time in making the Targeting Excellence scholarships possible. I am very appreciative of the assistance in pursuing my education.Sincerely,Genevieve VanWye


Lancaster, MO


Iowa State University

Major / Species:

Animal Science

Career Goals:

Upon receiving my bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University, I plan on attending Veterinary school at Iowa State University or University of Missouri. Following graduation from Veterinary school, I hope to obtain a position working in embryology and other reproduction practices in the beef and dairy industry’s. I intend to open my own clinic in the Midwest, working with producers in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Conducting in vitro and in vivo embryo transfer, as well as A.I. and ultrasound services, are all in my plan. Continuing to raise registered Red Angus and commercial cattle are also part of my career goal. I will continue to contribute to my family’s operation and one day take it over. I am preparing for this career by being involved in many clubs and organizations that allow me to make connections within the cattle industry and gain valuable communication skills. I also have a focus of maintaining academic excellence and taking classes that will challenge me to gain knowledge that will be especially valuable. I aspire to take internships and jobs that focus on reproduction practices in cattle, while learning business etiquette. My career goal has been influenced by taking part in the reproduction practices conducted on my family’s operation. By attending national conferences through the Junior Red Angus Association I have gained exposure to several levels of cattle production. The field of study that interests me the most is reproduction. This is also a field where technological advancements and growth are very important. I want to be a part of these advancements and advocate for the utilization of the latest technologies to producers. A goal and leadership role that I have is to speak about reproduction technologies at the Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium and Convention. I also intend to speak to producers at local cattlemen’s association meetings throughout the midwest, about reproduction technologies in cattle.