Grant Price

Grant Price

2018 Graduate Award (Ohio)
2017 Graduate Award (Ohio)

Thank you all for the opportunity to earn a scholarship to help further my education to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It has been a life long goal of mine and I sincerely thank you all for what you are doing with this program!
Thank you all and God bless.


Tiffin, OH


Ohio State University


Vet Med

Career Goals:

My career goals entail becoming a food animal veterinarian and returning to my families mixed animal practice in Northwest Ohio. That is the ultimatum. I would thoroughly love working on commercial and showpig operations the rest of my life with other food animal calls in between. My main focus is swine, but I really enjoy working with cattle and sheep. Unfortunately, there are not enough cattle and sheep in our area of practice to make a sustainable living. Luckily enough, there are enough pigs and I believe combining my whole life experience with my education throughout my years at Ohio State, I can be a successful swine/food animal veterinarian and livestock producer.

My career will not be just in the veterinary medicine light. My brothers and I plan to continuously grow our family farm in all aspects. We each plan to return home after college and work within the veterinary practice and the grain and livestock farm. Breeding and raising livestock is a true passion we have, especially with swine. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities my parents and family before me has given to my siblings and I. I hope to give my children and their children the same opportunity that we have been given.