Hailey Shoemaker

Hailey Shoemaker

2018 Undergraduate Award (Ohio)
2017 Undergraduate Award (Ohio)

Those responsible for/associated with Targeting Excellence, those who have made this scholarship an opportunity for me, I cannot express my gratitude enough! I was one of the lucky ones who was able to uncover her life’s passions early on, and I am very fortunate to have found my passions and aspirations in the agricultural industry. I hope to one day have a career and active role in sustainably and responsibly feeding and providing nutrition for the world, and my undergraduate career here at Ohio State is my first step towards this goal. It is only due to opportunities such as the Targeting Excellence scholarship that I am able to chase my dreams here at an amazing university like Ohio State, that I am able to get the necessary education needed to accomplish my goals. I am more than grateful for the belief and support I have received through Targeting Excellence that have made what I am doing possible!


Mechanicsburg, OH


Ohio State University


Meat Science

Career Goals:

Since being at Ohio State I have been very fortunate to have a wide range of experiences and opportunities. Between curriculum, jobs, extracurriculars, and networking events I have learned more about the agricultural industry and about myself than I ever thought that I could. I learned that I am interested in research, meat quality, livestock production, livestock nutrition, and the way that these topics blend together. I have also learned that I can excel in speaking and writing about my industry and these topics. I am interesting in the future learning how to tie all of my interests, experiences, and talents together to have the most significant career.
Currently, I am finishing up my third year in my Undergraduate Bachelors of Sciences, Meat Science Major with Honors Research Distinction (and Global Distinction) program. I am expected to graduate in Spring of 2019 and then plan to attend graduate school to obtain my Masters in Science. I will probably have the option to continue the undergraduate research I am currently completing as a graduate project here at Ohio State. I am exploring other options, as well, including: Iowa State, University of Wisconsin-Madison, North Carolina State University, and Oklahoma State. I hope to continue my interests in writing, meat science, animal science, animal health, and research at one of these places. Afterwards, I plan on applying to get my PhD. After obtaining my PhD, I would like to enter into the industry. Currently, I am unsure about the kind of job that I would like or most enjoy, but I have not a doubt in my mind that it will be involved in agriculture and livestock and/or meat. I am passionate about the agricultural industry and becoming the best professional in the industry that I can possibly be. Ideally, I will end up with a job that makes me feel like I make a positive difference in the industry and for farmers, that I can travel through, that I can publish through, and that I feel I can be the most effective through.