Jamin Manus

Jamin Manus

Thank you very much for the awarding this scholarship. I will put this award towards my tuition for college. I really appreciate this scholarship, and it will really help me achieve my future plans. This is a great scholarship, and I am very thankful for receiving it.

Hometown: Klemme, IA

School: Hawkeye Tech

Major / Species: Agriculture Business Management

Career Goals: I am currently in my first year at Hawkeye Community College, and I am pursuing an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Agriculture Business Management. After I am finished at Hawkeye Community College I plan on transferring to Iowa State. At Iowa state I will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Studies. My short term career goal is to pursue job internships during the summers of college that will help enhance my knowledge in agriculture. This summer I currently have an internship at Pinnacle in Iowa Falls, Iowa. At this internship I hoping to learn how to take soil samples, and more about soil sampling. I also will be learning how to deal with customers, and will be taking a look at soil samples that customers send in that they have taken themselves. Some other internships I would like to pursue down the road are internships dealing with agriculture sales, agriculture lending, and agriculture production. My long-term career goal is to pursue a career in either agriculture sales or agriculture lending. I am planning to meet my long-term goal by finishing college, and by applying myself throughout college so I can learn as much as I can from it. I also plan on meeting my long term goal by getting internships that will help prepare me for a career in agriculture lending or agriculture sales. I am hoping that these internships will help give me connections with employers, and prepare me for the job field.