Jennifer Vrabel

Jennifer Vrabel

2018 Graduate Award (North Carolina)

Dear Targeting Excellence Sponsors, Board, and Committees,

I am extremely grateful for your generosity to us students and your commitment to the food animal industry. Scholarship is very dear to me, as this is how I was able to achieve my undergraduate degrees. Now in veterinary school, I am feeling the financial burden more than ever. I am honored to know I still have support from others who care about the same things as I do, such as animal agriculture, and want to see me acheive my goals. Thank you so much for your time, sponsorship, and support again.

Jennifer Vrabel
NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Class of 2021


Selma, NC


North Carolina State University


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

My entire life has be focused on getting into veterinary school. Now that I have made it, I have found it difficult to figure out the direction of my veterinary career. Through many experiences during my first year of veterinary school and undergrad, I have decided to purse careers in large animal medicine, focusing on the food animal industry. I have used club activities, talked with professionals in different veterinary professions, and evaluated my personal goals to help myself narrow down potential job options. I have enjoyed pursuing careers in swine medicine as well as my love of ruminant medicine, which has led me to realize I want to be apart of a large animal practice that has both ruminant and swine practitioners. I can see myself visiting a nursery farm and working up a problem, then traveling to a beef farm and performing necropsies, and ending my day servicing goats. To impact the food animal industry in a positive way and form relationships with family farm owners would be a very fulfilling and meaningful career that I hope to achieve when I graduate in a few more years.