Jessica Noble

Jessica Noble

Thank you so much for selecting myself as one of the recipients of the Targeting Excellence Scholarship. This support means a great deal to me; without help from scholarships like this one, I would not be able to achieve my dreams of becoming the first female partner of our family farm. The knowledge that you have helped me gain will serve a great purpose in life for my career as well as the rest of my life. Thank you for making dreams like mine a more obtainable thing.


Burlington, WI


University of Wisconsin – Madison

Major / Species:

Dairy Science

Career Goals:

My collegiate education will be aiding in my goals immediately. Once I graduate for UW-Madison with my degree in Dairy Science and a certificate in Agriculture Business Management, I will be returning to my family’s sixth generation dairy farm in South Eastern Wisconsin. I am the first female in my family that has had a passion strong enough in agriculture to continue in it as a career. It has been very challenging to wedge my foot into a male dominated field, even if the field I wish to enter is my family’s. I have had to work much harder to become a trusted person on our operation, who can show my knowledge without being questioned more than my brother would have been. With knowledge gained through my education I hope to improve how our farm operates, as well as becoming the first female partner of the operation. As I continue to work within agriculture I want to be an advocate for those who do not have a strong voice against the growing population. I hope to be able to be a positive interaction with the community, showing them where their food comes from and how safe it truly is. By teaching the community through personal farm interaction, they will have a greater understanding by seeing it with their own eyes and not through a screen. With the public knowing more about how the industry works, they might put more trust in the dairy industry, making our lives a bit easier.