Joshua Beam

Joshua Beam

2018 Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)
2016 Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)
2015 Undergraduate Award (Pennsylvania)

I want to say a big thank-you for selecting me as a recipient of the 2018 Targeting Excellence Scholarship! I am super grateful, humbled, and excited for my application to be chosen. The fundraising clay-shoot is something I look forward to every year, with the great opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

Thank-you once again for your generosity!


Elverson, PA


Pennsylvania State University


Animal Science with minor in Agricultural Business and Agronomy

Career Goals:

Production agriculture interests me because of the wide range of opportunity in various forms, as well as the constant changes in technology and commodity pricing that fosters a new sort of excitement for each day. The livestock industries are no exception and having a higher biological value than plant protein, there will always be a market for animal protein products.

As I continue my education, I am hoping for an agribusiness management position that focuses in production agriculture. It is extremely exciting to see how technology is changing production methods and opening up new possibilities for pork and livestock producers. While I do not know my next step after graduation, I look forward to the future and hope to take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself.