Julia Rose

Julia Rose

I would like to thank the Targeting Excellence sponsors, board of directors and selection committee for this incredible scholarship. Thanks to your generosity, veterinary school will be more affordable and I will be able to confidently pursue my passions. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams achievable.


Coldwater, OH


Ohio State University

Major / Species:

Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

As of this moment, my future goals are to become a veterinarian and focus on animal welfare, poultry, or mixed large and small animal medicine. Beginning with animal welfare, I believe this is an extremely important and growing field in animal agriculture. Through my broiler chicken enrichment research and my participation on the Animal Welfare Judging Team, I have learned a great deal about the welfare of many livestock species and the behavior and production benefits of improving animal welfare. By being a veterinarian focused in animal welfare, I would be able to use research to objectively improve the lives of animals used in agriculture. As a result of improving animal welfare, I could help improve consumer confidence in animal agriculture producers and the animal goods they are purchasing. Poultry a relatively new passion of mine. During my poultry production class, our birds suffered from an outbreak of Infectious Laryngotracheitis and I was introduced to basic poultry medicine and flock health, which intrigued me. I am also enthralled that as a poultry veterinarian, I will not only be helping the birds, but also providing a healthy food source for others. Mixed large and small animal medicine is very personal for me because I am from a small rural community. As a mixed practice veterinarian, I could return to a small town and develop a practice in a close-knit community and assist with the local 4-H and FFA chapters. I could also work to improve herd health and the livelihood of farmers.