Justin Bartling 2016 Scholarship Winner

Justin Bartling

Thank you to all of the generous supporters of Targeting Excellence. It is a great opportunity for students in production agriculture to expand their knowledge and gain valuable experience in a college setting. Scholarships like this made it possible for me to continue my education and to keep pursuing my dream in the agriculture industry. Thank you for your very generous support.

Hometown: Ackley, IA

School: Kirkwood College

Major / Species: Ag Production – Swine

Career Goals: Agriculture has been in my family for as long as I know and has been a way of life for me. As I grew older my passion for agriculture has grown immensely and as a young adult I have taken steps to advance my skill set and knowledge in today’s ever changing industry. I am currently enrolled at Kirkwood Community College and taking full advantage of the classes offered. I am focusing my area of study on swine, but am also taking a variety of beef and crop classes to expand my knowledge of the industry. I am enjoying my time here at school, but also miss being home on the family farm. During the week, I focus on my school work and strive to receive the best grades possible while juggling a large class load. On the weekends, I return to Ackley and spend my time working for the Ackley Ambulance Service and the Ackley Police Department. I enjoy helping my community and doing my part in giving back. I also spend a lot of time at home on the family farm and work hard to keep up on our daily operations even though I am absent five days a week. I want to stay knowledgeable in our operation and hopefully when I have to opportunity to return the family farm it will make the transition smoother. With that being said, when I graduate from Kirkwood next spring, I hope to return home to the family farrow-to-finish operation. We hope to expand our operation and along with our row crop and cow/calf operations I hope to bring knowledge and labor to our century farm. It is truly a joy to be able to live and work in a small supportive community. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for many people. It’s my dream to be able to farm alongside my father and other family members, raising a quality product for our consumers. I am very appreciative of everything Targeting Excellence does for production agriculture and the support you give to students in school. School is very expensive and it’s a huge commitment for agriculture kids and with an organization like this to help ease the burden is a wonderful thing. I enjoyed the Iowa Event last year and look forward to meeting and reconnecting with many people this year.