Justin Welk

Hometown: Strasburg, PA

School: Penn State

Major / Species: Animal Science;  Minor: Agronomy

Career Goals: 

My goal is to use the knowledge from Penn State and experience I have to take over the family farm. I hope to take my knowledge from Penn State and apply it to our family farm. With my education I plan to better understand the nutritional quality our crops have for our dairy heifers. In addition, I want to take my education from my Agronomy classes to see if there is

any new technology we can apply to our operation.  For example, I would like to apply more no­ till operations throughout our cropping system. This will build our soil organic matter for years to come.  Furthermore, I hope to use my education to understand the inputs and outputs of certain crops during a year and apply that to a certain crop rotation system. In my opinion, we can always improve in some way when it comes to farming. I hope to use my education and experience from Penn State to improve our farm in hopes to successfully expand our operation. I know this will all take time.

Farming and agriculture as a whole is deeply rooted in my family.  My brother and I are the upcoming fifth generation farmers.  That statement is something I’m proud to say.  Although, it is hard to start up or take over the farm right out of school.  There are an incredibly amount of expenses to begin with in the first year.  I may have to find some off farm employment to help me make this dream come true.   I have an internship with Lancaster County extension this summer.  Hopefully I will make connections and maybe find a part time through networking.

A personal goal is to take that next step of commitment and marry my best friend.  I am fortunate to find someone who enjoy a farm life and will support me in my dream of expanding. I hope to raise a family and show them my passion for agriculture like my father did for me.  I want to keep my farm well maintained and take pride in the work I perform. Last, an important goal for me is to keep my faith with the Lord.