Kaelyn Mohrfeld 2015 & 2016 Scholarship Winner

Kaelyn Mohrfeld

2018 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)
2017 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)
2016 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)
2015 Undergraduate Award (North Carolina)

Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of the Targeting Excellence Scholarship. With your help, I can attend college and pursue my dreams in agriculture. It’s people like you who make it possible for students to attend a University and better their knowledge of their desired major. Thank you again for all you do for students like me.


Pink Hill, NC


North Carolina State University


Agricultural Sciences

Career Goals:

I’ve grown up in the food animal production industry and have always enjoyed broadening my horizon in this particular area. I currently work at Five Oaks Animal Hospital as a vet technician and thoroughly enjoy this experience. I also have volunteered at the NCSU Swine unit, which has taught me multiple things about the pork industry. After getting involved in veterinary medicine and the pork industry, I am strongly considering going into veterinary medicine. I want to give back to my rural community and what better way to do so through veterinary medicine. I enjoy working with livestock and small animals and hope to continue doing so. My family also has our own pig nursery and we raise boer goats for local kids to exhibit at livestock shows. I want to continue helping out my family, because they are also a big part of my life and achievements. Food animal production has brought me so many opportunities and I want to give back to what made me the person I am today.