Katelyn Lowery

Katelyn Lowery

To the Targeting Excellence Sponsors, Board and Committee: thank you for your investment in allowing me to continue my education and to continue pursuing my passion in being involved in agriculture, specifically the swine industry. It is a honor to be recognized by industry leaders and professionals for this scholarship. Myself as well as the other recipients are immensely grateful for your dedication to the future success of agriculture!


Clayton, NC


North Carolina State University

Major / Species:

Animal Science – Science Concentration

Career Goals:

After graduating from North Carolina State University in May of 2019 with a degree in Animal Science (Science Concentration), I plan on returning to the swine industry to transition from a role as an intern and student employee to starting a career. After contemplating and evaluating my experience from internships and employment during my college career, my professional career objectives include working in a human resources aspect of the swine industry. I arrived at this decision after evaluating my personal strengths and passions that I have developed by being involved in this industry and believe that my organizational skills, emphasis on effective communication, willingness to be a contributing team member, industry experience from my past employments, and passion for this industry make this prospective career path very applicable to me. Being involved with the human resource department of a company (whether it is a supplier such as Hog Slat or a farm) will allow me to remain involved with the industry that I have become so passionate about while being able to work with others who also share my feelings toward the swine industry. Another career objective that I hold dear is the possibility of one day having the ability to instill this passion for swine among the next and younger generations in order to ensure that this industry will face continued growth and success.