Kathryn McCullough

Kathryn McCullough

2018 Graduate Award (North Carolina)
2017 Graduate Award (North Carolina)
2016 Graduate Award (North Carolina)

For the generosity of the sponsors, the efforts of the board, and the dedication of the committees – you each have my sincere gratitude. Both the mentorship and monetary support extended to me by leaders such as yourselves are the reasons I have succeeded thus far within food animal agriculture. I am honored by your investment in my professional advancement.


Tryon, NC


North Carolina State University


Veterinary Medicine

Career Goals:

As a veterinary Food Animal Scholar at NC State, I am pursuing a future in production animal medicine. Although I have not entered a career as a professional yet, my goals for the next chapter of my life reflect those that I reach for daily. I aim to engage in the community, both public and professional, to create conversation and share knowledge. I strive to be a problem solver by addressing known needs and seeking to constantly refine good processes to be better. Finally, I hope to continue the tradition of generosity shown to me by multiple mentors in this field by giving back where and when I am able.

Adaptability is one of my strongest personal traits, and keeping an open mind has allowed me to move from a childhood that was void of animals to a career in production medicine. Although I do not come from a farming background, I have immersed myself in animal agriculture over the past eight years and have gained an ease and confidence with nearly all food animal species. My interest in poultry was sparked toward the close of my undergraduate education, and I have since immersed myself in poultry related experiences. Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working in three states for two broiler companies, a primary breeder, and a poultry diagnostic laboratory. With each experience, my understanding of and respect for agriculture has grown, reconfirming my choice of a career in poultry medicine.

Production animals are my passion, and as a poultry veterinarian, I intend to safeguard the health of our national flocks through the implementation of ever improving medical practices and well as actively strive to advance the field of animal medicine and husbandry through research. Whether positioned in production or allied entities, I am confident that my developing skill set is well suited to help address current and future challenges.